When your network goes down or a piece of equipment fails, every minute can equate to lost revenue and productivity.


Tech Service Today minimizes this vulnerability by delivering a qualified technician to any site in North America in 4-hours or less - at the same rate you pay for any standard service call.

Most IT service providers try to convince their customers to sign an expensive Managed Service / Preventative Maintenance Agreement to ensure their systems keep running smoothly. But Tech Service Today understands that even equipment and systems that are properly maintained at regular intervals can fail. That’s why we don't require contracts from any customer. TST customers pay for on-site technical services only when and where they are needed.


TST’s professional on-site IT support services are designed to keep your systems operational & reliable, and to quickly restore them when failures occur. We fully recognize the sense of urgency our customers experience when a network or critical piece of equipment fails. According to a 2014 Gartner report concerning the Cost of Network Downtime 1 “Based on industry surveys, the number we typically cite is $5,600 p/minute, which extrapolates to well over $300K p/hour.” In a more recent article by 2 Network Computing, it was further explained that the cost of network downtime “includes lost employee productivity (78%), lost revenue (17%), and actual costs to fix the downtime issues (5%).”

When your mission-critical technology fails, a resolution can't wait for next-day or next-week; you need an immediate response. That’s why TST makes a simple promise to every customer: When you report an outage/emergency to us, we’ll have a Technician arrive at your location – anywhere in North America - in 4-hours or less...Guaranteed. Our technicians are skilled trouble-shooters and diagnosticians who quickly identify the cause of a technology failure, then perform the work needed to get your business back on-line. Consider these common scenarios:



A router goes down in one of your remote facilities.

TST Response

Within 4-hours, a TST technician arrives with a laptop and console cable so they can serve as the on-site smart hands that help your centralized IT staff identify and resolve the problem.


A POS receipt printer or credit card swipe device in your restaurant or store stops working.

TST Response

A technician arrives on-site in 4-hours or less, swaps out the bad unit with a hot-spare, and gets your up and running again in no time.


Your staff is growing...in fact, you have five new employees starting tomorrow but their office equipment just arrived and you don't have enough open ports on your network to connect their phones and workstations.

TST Response

Our technician runs new cables to the workstation locations, adds a new patch panel and switch to your server rack or data closet, and sets up the desktop equipment so your new team members are ready for business on their first day.


One or more telephones at a remote facility stop working.

TST Response

A technician arrives within 4-hours to test & troubleshoot the lines & equipment, identifies the problem, and provides your central IT team with a cost estimate to perform immediate repairs.

No matter why or where a piece of equipment fails, Tech Service Today commits to having a Technician arrive on-site at your facility in 4-hours or less – or you don’t have to pay for the visit. Plus, TST only charges you for the actual time our Technician spends on-site. The clock starts when our Tech arrives, and immediately stops when the Tech leaves. While there is a 1-hour minimum charge for every visit, we charge in half-hour increments after that first hour. So you only pay for the time we spend repairing the problem. TST never charges for travel time to & from a customer facility, nor are there any dispatch fees, expedite fees, or overtime charges. Whether you need a Technician during normal business hours, in the middle of the night, or even on a Holiday, TST charges the same hourly rate for every call.

When every minute of downtime negatively impacts your bottom line, call TST to ensure your operations are restored in the least amount of time.



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  • 4 Hour On-Site Response Time in US/Canada/Caribbean
  • High-quality Work That We Stand Behind and Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service & Project Management
  • Best Value For The Services You Need: One Consistent Labor Rate Regardless of Time or Place, No Charge For Travel, No Hidden Fees, No Upfront Costs or Contracts Needed


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