Emergency Repairs and Upgrades

Businesses can't afford IT network and equipment downtime. Tech Service Today provides the rapid onsite IT support your business needs to restore your systems and get back to business. From technology upgrades and replacements to emergency break/fix, Tech Service Today will keep your equipment running.

Every minute of downtime results in losses.

We dispatch technicians when you need them.

Even with proper maintenance, equipment can experience unexpected failures or downtime. Our team is always on standby to quickly address any IT break/fix emergencies when and where they arise. We send technicians to any of your remote locations to effectively troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve network outages or technology failures. Your business can confidently rely on TST, an IT service provider that always gets the job done right.

Organize your cabling systems and adapt with moves, adds, and changes to your team.

Routinely organizing your cables is key to maximizing your equipment’s productivity. Cabling systems can easily become disorganized and chaotic, making it difficult for your team to manage your networks. As your teams grow and employees are added or moved around and new devices brought in, the cables that connect them all together get more tangled with each change. TST can quickly and efficiently prepare your IT systems to accommodate your team as moves, adds, and changes are made. Our Cabling Clean Up Service helps you avoid:

Obstructed access to ports

Improper airflow to sensitive equipment

Increased risk of accidental disconnects

Decrease in cable performance and possible transmission failures



Tech Service Today helps you handle every stage of the IT lifecycle; from site surveys to equipment decommissioning, and everything else in between. We source the right technician for every job and manage the technology at all of your remote locations. With our comprehensive approach to IT lifecycle management, you can trust that TST has your business covered.

Lifecycle Services

Site Surveys & Planning

When your business needs help planning a technology rollout at multiple locations or requires experienced technicians to conduct discovery surveys and asset inventories for mergers and acquisitions, Tech Service Today will provide skilled technicians when and where you need them.

Rollouts & Installations

After surveying your site and creating a technology rollout plan, our techs will be on site to deploy new technologies across all of your locations and ensure smooth installations so you can stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Emergency Repairs & Upgrades

If your IT equipment experiences unexpected downtime, it’s crucial to have immediate emergency repair response. Tech Service Today can place a technician on site to handle rapid repairs and general upgrades so your business can avoid costly downtime or equipment damage.


When your IT systems are ready to be retired, it is vital to the safety and security of your business that your systems are responsibly and securely decommissioned. Our technicians know how to properly comply with decommissioning regulations and protect your data from security threats.

Avoid IT System Downtime.

Get rapid IT repair and upgrades with Tech Service Today!