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MobilePro App Technician Resources

Everything you need to know to start using Tech Service Today's MobilePro App for Technicians.

MobilePro App for TST Technicians

Tech Service Today is excited to introduce the MobilePro App for our field technicians. Now you can accept jobs, view your scheduled and completed work orders, check-in and check-out from job sites, and enter your job notes and photos directly into the MobilePro App. Plus, your labor hours, parts & materials all get automatically imported into TST's billing portal.


Download the MobilePro App

ANDROID Users, download the MobilePro App here

MobilePro App from Google Play Store

APPLE Users (iPhone or iPad), download the MobilePro App here

MobilePro App from the Apple App Store

MobilePro App Training & Tutorial Videos

Video 1 – First Login to the MobilePro App

Once you have downloaded the MobilePro App AND received an email from TST containing a Server URL and your unique Username, and Password, please watch this video to see how to log into the MobilePro app for the first time.

Video 1 – First Login to the MobilePro App


Video 2 - Accepting Work Orders in MobilePro App, plus Check-In and Check-Out Processes (COMPLETE PROCESS 9-mins)

This video walks you through the process of accepting a work order using the MobilePro App. It also provides step-by-step instructions for Checking In and Checking Out from customer job sites. (COMPLETE PROCESS - A 9-minute video)

Video 2 - Accept Work Orders w MobilePro App - Check-In and Check-Out


Video 3 – Decline Work Order (Backout) in MobilePro App

Whenever unforeseen schedule conflicts arise and you must decline/back-out of a scheduled work order that you already accepted, please follow this process using the MobilePro App.

Video 3 – Decline Work Order (Backout) in MobilePro App


Video 4 – Submitting ETA Changes via MobilePro App

TST understands that circumstances occasionally arise that result in you arriving early or late to a job site for a scheduled appointment. When these situations arise, it is imperative that you notify TST immediately using our MobilePro App by following the steps described in this video.

Video 4 – Submitting ETA Changes via MobilePro App


Video 5 - Check-In at a customer site using the MobilePro App

Upon arrival at a work location, follow these detailed instructions to Check-In at a customer site using the MobilePro App.

Video 5 - Check-In at a customer site using the MobilePro App

Video 6 – Entering On-Site Work Log in MobilePro App

It is imperative that you document all steps taken on-site to complete a work order. Here's how to enter your on-site notes and work log in the MobilePro App.

Video 6 – Entering On-Site Work Log in MobilePro App


Video 7 – Request Hour Cap Adjustment in MobilePro App

If a job is taking longer to complete than the hour-cap specified on the TST work order, follow these steps to request/submit an hour-cap adjustment in the MobilePro App.

Video 7 – Request Hour Cap Adjustment in MobilePro App


Video 8 - Check-Out Instructions to complete a work order using the MobilePro App

Here's a detailed tutorial that walks you through the Check-Out process using the MobilePro app at the end of each job you complete.

Video 8 - Check-Out Instructions to complete a work order using the MobilePro App

Video 9 - Documenting Parts & Materials Used On-site

Here's how to document all parts & materials you used to complete a work order using the MobilePro App.

Video 9 - Documenting Parts & Materials Used On-site

Video 10 - Adding Photos & Completing a Checklist using the MobilePro App

Follow these detailed instructions for adding/uploading site photos and completing a work-order checklist using the MobilePro app

Video 10 - Adding Photos & Completing a Checklist using the MobilePro App

Video 11 – Updating Check-Out Notes for Completed Orders in the MobilePro App

How to UPDATE your completed Check-Out Notes AFTER you have Completed a Work Order. (NOTE: You will have 48 hours to modify any checkout information after completing a work order.)

Video 11 – Updating Check-Out Notes for Completed Orders in the MobilePro App

Video 12 - Submitting Vouchers (Invoicing) using TST's MobilePro App

This video shows you how to submit a complete labor and parts/materials voucher using our MobilePro app, so that it gets imported directly into our InLattice billing system.

Video 12 - Submitting Vouchers (Invoicing) using TST's MobilePro App

Frequently Asked Questions - MobilePro FAQ

In what way(s) is the MobilePro App an improvement over the current service fulfillment process with TST?

Using the MobilePro App will help TST to become a paperless company, while significantly reducing the number of phone calls we make to our Technicians.

From our Technician's perspective, the App greatly enhances and simplifies the way they do business with TST. Using the comprehensive job requirements information and documentation tools provided in MobilePro, technicians can satisfy client requirements and document the work they perform more efficiently than ever before. The App also eliminates the need for duplicate data entry because all on-site hours and billable materials entered in the MobilePro App are automatically transferred over to our Inlattice Technician billing platform. Plus, the photos our technicians take while on-site are now uploaded directly into the App - eliminating the need to email them separately.


How do I Report Errors I encounter in the MobilePro App?

Please do not call or email TST when you encounter an error in the MobilePro App. The best way to report these errors is directly from within the App by following these steps.

1. If you encounter an error while using the MobilePro App (see screen shot below), your first action is to click "Email Support" on the error screen.

2. Then Send Email.

3. Then click OK on the error screen.

Following this procedure will transmit complete details on the error you encountered to our development team so they can begin working on it.

Error Screen in MobilePro App_IMG_4692sml


Will TST still call me after I am scheduled for a work order?

Typically, no. However, there are two instances when TST may still call you:

1. If any updates are made to the work order such as additional materials required or scope changes, then TST may call you about them and to confirm you can still accept the job with the changes.

2. If you are on a project ticket you may also receive a call from a project manager for a scope review.


How do I Accept a Work Order in the MobilePro App?

Accepting a Work Order

By using this feature, you can limit the number of confirmation calls made by TST.

  • Using the MobilePro App, you can accept both same-day tickets and future-date tickets, eliminating the need for any TST confirmation calls.
  • For future date tickets you will be required to accept the job twice, once before the appointment date and then again on the day of the appointment.
  • You can accept a work order more than 24 hours in advance, within 24 hours, or both.

FOLLOW THESE STEPS (or watch this video)

Within your main menu screen there are tiles that read “Appointments for Today” and “Future Appointments”. To accept a work order, select the appropriate appointment tile and locate the work order.

Select the work order you would like to view.

Review the ETA listed, the materials, the location, the scope of work, and all other details before accepting.

If you are agreeable to the scope and schedule specified, then select the “Accept” button in the top left corner (as shown below).

This will add an automatic comment into both the TST notes and the Client Notes.

You are now confirmed and the next step will be to check into the work order at the appropriate time.

Accepting A Work Order


How do I Add My Appointments to my Calendar?

All Appointments you accept in the MobilePro App can be added to the calendar you use on your mobile device. But you must first sync your calendar with the MobilePro App.

Follow the instructions in this Calendar Integration Guide (PDF) to setup and sync your calendar with the MobilePro App.

NOTE: In order to see your appointments on your calendar, you must be logged into the MobilePro App when you view your calendar.


How many times must I Confirm a Work Order once scheduled?

It depends on the Scheduled Date of the work order:

  • For future-date tickets you will be required to accept the job twice: once before the appointment date, and then again on the day of the appointment.
  • For same-day tickets you will only be required to accept the job once before checking in.


How do I Decline a Work Order (back-out)?

The best way to decline a work order that you already accepted is to call TST right away at 1-800-973-2022 option 1. But watch THIS VIDEO to see how to decline a work order using the MobilePro App.


Do I still have to call TST to Check-In and Check-Out?

No. As long as you submit detailed notation in the On-Site Work Log and follow all of the necessary prompts and check-lists within the App, there is no need to call TST when you check-in or check-out from a customer site.

Of course, if you run into unforeseen issues onsite, or if you are still unfamiliar with the MobilePro App and its processes, please call TST for assistance.


What is our Technician's commitment upon accepting and completing a TST order?

By accepting a TST work order, you are committing that you reviewed the entire work order - including the scope of work, required materials and tools, and appointment date and time - and that you are prepared to arrive on-time with all materials required to complete the work specified.

Furthermore, when you complete a TST work order you are committing that you performed all work as requested and in the manner specified, that you completed all tasks and steps as outlined in the SOW, that you truthfully answered all questions in the checkout requirements and completed the checklists in the App, and that you did so within the Hour Cap specified on the order (if applicable) or requested additional time using the process stipulated.

Failure to arrive on-time or ill-prepared to a customer site, or failure to complete the work specified in the manner described in the order and within any time constraints listed, may result in delayed, partial, or non-payment (depending on the severity of the infraction).


How do I Request an ETA Change?

Watch THIS TUTORIAL VIDEO for step-by-step procedures using the MobilePro App.


How do I Request an Hour Cap Extension?

Some TST customers place Hour-Caps on their work orders to ensure we do not exceed their on-site time allotments and/or budget constraints. Hour Caps are listed in the "Approved Hour Cap" field under the JOB SUMMARY section of any work order in the MobilePro App. Whenever a technician determines that additional time is needed to complete a job, TST must request and obtain approval from the client before the technician exceeds the Approved Hour Cap. The MobilePro App makes requesting an Hour Cap Extension easier than ever before. Watch THIS VIDEO and/or follow the instructions below.

How To Request An Hour Cap Extension

When you have checked in on-site and begun working on a job that contains an Approved Hour Cap, you'll see an orange icon called "HR Cap Adjustment" at the top of the screen.


If at any time while working on one of these orders you determine that you're going to need more time to complete the job, you should begin the Hour Cap Adjustment process - preferably at least 20-30 minutes before the approved hour cap expires.

Upon clicking HR Cap Adjustment, you will need to "Click to Call TST" to make your request verbally. Whether you speak with a member of TST's service team or you leave a voicemail, your next step is to document your request in the App. Please indicate how many additional hours are being requested for this job, and the reason this additional time is needed. It will also help if you give a brief description of all work that has been completed so far, and any delays you encountered, in the Notes field.


By providing all of this information in the App, it will help TST seek the necessaray customer approval without the need for multiple phone calls to you. If any additional information is still needed, TST will call you about your request.

Upon receiving a decision from our customer, TST will call and/or text you to let you know if the additional hours have been approved or denied.


How do I Add Parts and Materials?

Follow the instructions below and/or watch THIS VIDEO.

During the check out process, there is a section labeled Parts and Materials. To find this, scroll to the bottom of the screen during Check-Out, and navigate to the right of "Appointment Summary" and "Work Order Tasks" until you see "Parts & Materials".

This is where you will log your billable materials. By entering parts & materials here, you will no longer need to re-enter them into Inlattice because the MobilePro App will carry this information over to InLattice for you.

How To Add Parts & Materials

During the Check-Out Process, click on "Parts & Materials".
Select the plus (+) icon on the right side of the screen (highlighted in yellow below).

Adding Parts & Materials

Next, select the magnifying glass next to the Item Number box. This will bring up TST’s materials list.

You can search for a material using the search bar, or scroll through the list to find the desired part. 

Once you find the correct item, select it and enter the quantity used. Do this for each item you provided on the job and save your parts list.

(NOTE: If you ever need to edit or add any materials after you have completed a ticket in the App, you may always go back and either edit the work order using the App or make your changes from within Inlattice.)


What are MobilePro App CHECKLISTS?

Checklists in the MobilePro App are where you upload the photos taken while on-site, answer any customer-specified questions, and/or validate specific tasks completed. For projects that require specific photos or documents, the deliverables will need to be uploaded and labeled to the client’s specific checklists.

Watch THIS VIDEO for detailed instructions.


How do I Add Photos and Attachments to a work order in the App?

Photos get added during the Check-Out section of App. At the bottom of the screen, scroll right to Work Order Tasks, and click on "Checklist". Be sure to upload and correctly label each of the photos requested on the checklist.

You can take new photos from within the App Checklist screen or upload them from your phone's photo library.

In addition to site photos, checklists may request that you upload pictures of items such as hand-drawn floor plans, configuration sketches, or completed forms.

Reminder: Photos are only to be uploaded using the Checklist function and should NOT be uploaded as Attachments in the Attachment section of App. The Attachment section is a rarely-used function in the MobilePro App.

To see the exact process for uploading photos in the App, watch THIS VIDEO for detailed instructions.


Do I still need to Enter all Billing Information in Inlattice?

No. The MobilePro App transfers all materials and times (labor hours) you entered in the MobilePro App over to InLattice and enters them as your billable times and materials. This limits your remaining steps to simply reviewing and submitting the invoice from within InLattice.

Once you complete any ticket (meaning you have entered the labor hours and parts/materials in the MobilePro App), watch THIS VIDEO to learn how to transfer that Voucher information directly into our InLattice billing portal.


What does TST mean when they ask for a "Solid Check-Out Note"?

Check out notes tell TST and our customer exactly what you (our technician) did while on-site, about any delays or difficulties you encountered while performing the work, who you worked with both onsite and as a remote technical contact, what moves/adds/changes you performed on-site (i.e. what ports were used on the network equipment), and about any additional work that needs to be completed - whether it is part of the original scope or a suggested/necessary addition.

By providing comprehensive details about your visit in our Check-Out Notes, we end up with happy customers...and you end up receiving far fewer phone call and questions from our Service Team.


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