Outdated IT infrastructure and equipment prevent businesses from moving forward with technological advances and innovations. Decommissioning equipment is an essential step towards improving your current technology, but it comes at a high risk of threatening data security, harming the environment, and not meeting regulatory standards. Tech Service Today can deploy techs to any of your locations to safely and securely decommission IT equipment that is no longer useful.

Improperly disposing your IT assets creates big risks.

Getting rid of your obsolete assets can become a burdensome task when your business has multiple locations and not enough hands on site to help. Though it may seem easier to throw out your old equipment and move on, this actually exposes your company to major threats. Tech Service Today has highly trained technicians on deck to properly dispose of your legacy systems and save your business from the harmful effects of improper decommissioning:

Threats to the security and exposure of confidential data.

Harm to the environment through unethical equipment disposal.

Non-compliance with regulatory standards.


Make room for the latest technologies.

When your IT infrastructure’s useful life has come to an end, that opens the opportunity to adopt new, advanced technology in its place. We help you identify which systems need replacement and begin the decommissioning process for you. If necessary, assets will be returned to your business for you to complete the final steps of the process. Otherwise, our team conducts the final procedures for you and provides certificates of e-waste and data destruction indemnification. Your site history is archived in your customer portal, so when you are ready to begin planning your next steps, Tech Service Today will get you up to speed and ready to move your business forward.


Tech Service Today helps you handle every stage of the IT lifecycle; from site surveys to equipment decommissioning, and everything else in between. We source the right technician for every job and manage the technology at all of your remote locations. With our comprehensive approach to IT lifecycle management, you can trust that TST has your business covered.

Lifecycle Services

Site Surveys & Planning

When your business needs help planning a technology rollout at multiple locations or requires experienced technicians to conduct discovery surveys and asset inventories for mergers and acquisitions, Tech Service Today will provide skilled technicians when and where you need them.

Rollouts & Installations

After surveying your site and creating a technology rollout plan, our techs will be on site to deploy new technologies across all of your locations and ensure smooth installations so you can stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Emergency Repairs & Upgrades

If your IT equipment experiences unexpected downtime, it’s crucial to have immediate emergency repair response. Tech Service Today can place a technician on site to handle rapid repairs and general upgrades so your business can avoid costly downtime or equipment damage.


When your IT systems are ready to be retired, it is vital to the safety and security of your business that your systems are responsibly and securely decommissioned. Our technicians know how to properly comply with decommissioning regulations and protect your data from security threats.

Don’t let outdated IT systems hold you back.

Make room for technology that will take your business to the next level!