Best Methods For Achieving Excellent Employee Satisfaction In IT & Telecom Departments: Part 4

Cabling Susan Cremin Aug 17, 2016
Tech Service Today Employee Satisfaction in IT & Telecom Best Methods

At Tech Service Today we recently sent out an anonymous satisfaction survey to our employees and our results are at an all time high!

Close to 100% of our employees responded that they were VERY SATISFIED with Tech Service Today as a place to work.

We’re sharing some of our best practices in a series of blog posts to give you some ideas that might be helpful.

The last 3 weeks we covered the importance of creating and instilling a company culture, hiring right, and excellent employee benefits. This week we will discuss creating employee incentives that will increase workplace productivity and morale.

Offer Employee Incentive Contests

In our last blog, we discussed employee monthly performance based bonuses. This has been an incredible tool with a high success rate for Tech Service Today.

Another method is offering employee incentive contests. This will not only increase employee satisfaction but drive staff to bring out their best.

This includes creating fun, unique contests that instill a drive to compete and win among the staff. Make it competitive and the top winner or winners can acquire money, a gift card, or some other prize.

For example, for one of our departments, we frequently have a horse derby race. As staff completes each task, the horse on their section moves ahead, this keeps happening until there is a winner. The winner then obtains a prize allotted for that day. Could be $100, an extra PTO day, or leave work early for that day.

Employee Satisfaction Contest Incentives Tech Service Today

Or for another department, if an employee finishes a certain number of tasks in a certain amount of time while maintaining high quality to their work,  they receive a chance to spin the wheel. Create goals and standards the staff should attain to, create a higher goal that drives the staff to reach higher than that standard and you will see results. Our spin the wheel includes: $100, an amazon gift card, , an XBOX, an extra PTO day, free movie theater tickets, and much more.  

Tech Service Today Spin The Wheel Employee Contests Employee Satisfaction Best MethodsAnother incentive is rewarding employees by how long they have worked at your company. For example, recently one of TST’s employees reached their 5 year mark. In appreciation for their loyalty, hard work and service , they received a surprise 3 day weekend get away with his family.


tech service today employee satisfaction best methods staff incentives and loyalty

Employee incentive contests and appreciation stimulates the work environment. It creates extra purpose and meaning, increasing quality and productivity. Also, when managers, directors and outwardly recognize hard work and dedication, it shows the staff member that they are greatly appreciated and valued. That they are not just an extra body in the workplace, but a person who brings great value to the company’s success as a whole. This makes a person want to be the best they can be, want to be a part of the success, and remain loyal members of your organization.

“When people are financially invested, they want a return.

When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” – Simon Sinek

 Stay tuned for part 5 next week in our employee satisfaction series.

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