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Planning is most important stage of any technology deployment.

But when you have far more physical locations than IT staff members, it's difficult to understand the intricacies of each environment before your installers arrive without actually visiting the site first. This is a costly endeavor for large companies with multiple locations spread across a wide geographic area, and is a key reason why those companies rely on Tech Service Today.


TST delivers skilled Site Survey technicians to any location in North America whenever you need them, for whatever new technology you are planning to deploy. Our Site Surveys help IT Leaders discover hidden challenges that their installers might encounter in their remote facilities before launching a new technology rollout or replacement/refresh project.  This insight allows the IT Director and/or project manager to avoid or prepare for the potential dangers and obstacles associated with a specific site.


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site surveys tailored to your needs

Tech Service Today’s cross-platform expertise enables us to help customers prepare for any kind of technology deployment or assessment. The billable Site Survey services most frequently requested by our customers include the following:

  • Pre-Project Planning Survey 
  • Wireless Network Planning Survey & Heatmapping
  • Discovery Survey (assets, physical & logical layouts, environmental and electrical assessments)
  • Technology Inventory Audit Survey (equipment inventory, space availability, network configuration)
  • Telecom Audit (PBX & VoIP system configurations, Circuit demarcation locations, etc.)
  • Survey with Cost Estimate
  • Digital Signage Screen-placement & Power-planning Survey
  • Merger/Acquisition Assessment (inventory equipment, systems & wiring, prepare decommissioning plan)


During a site survey, TST's technicians will document the physical and logical network layout and/or whatever assets you need for them to catalog, perform network testing if desired, produce heatmap reports to help you identify the ideal placement of wireless access points, and even take photographs of everything you specify so your IT team knows exactly what each environment looks like.  This not only helps you plan for the installation of new technologies, but also provides your help desk team with visual information they can use to guide local personnel through troubleshooting techniques when they report a problem in their location.


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You never need to worry about surprise invoices from TST.  We charge the same, flat hourly rate for all our services - from site surveys and installations, to upgrades and decommissionings.


By enlisting TST to perform a comprehensive Site Survey before rolling out new technology to your remote facilities, you will reduce - if not eliminate - the time-consuming, cost-increasing surprise hazards while you are still in the planning stage, and ultimately reduce costly delays that would otherwise pop-up during the installation stage.   



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