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Wireless Site Surveys & Wi-Fi Heat Mapping

Wireless Site-Surveys and Heat Maps empower companies to plan for, design, install, and optimize their WLANs. Partner with Tech Service Today (TST) to achieve optimal performance of your wireless networks.

Secure & Optimize your WLAN with a Wi-Fi Survey

Designing a wireless network that is certain to meet or exceed your business’s bandwidth and coverage area requirements requires a lot of data about the physical building environment. Tech Service Today’s Wi-Fi site surveys capture that data for you and eliminate any guesswork concerning the ideal placement of your wireless access points.

If your wireless network is already operational, a Wi-Fi survey with heat mapping can show you where the Wi-Fi signal strength is hot, cold, and somewhere in between so you can make the changes needed to achieve optimal WLAN performance.

Whether your environment is an office building, warehouse, restaurant, retail store, healthcare facility, or an industrial or academic campus, Tech Service Today delivers peace of mind with our three Wi-Fi site survey offerings.


Predictive Modeling Survey

A predictive Wi-Fi modeling survey serves as a strong analysis tool when planning out the deployment of a WLAN by simulating its performance and characteristics. This is not an actual site survey that requires a technician to physically visit your site. Instead, all we need is a scale floor-plan drawing of your building. Using the floor plan, we graphically simulate your WLAN characteristics and provide you with a detailed report indicating the ideal placement of wireless access points (APs) throughout your facility to ensure comprehensive coverage. While most companies utilize predictive modeling to build a required wireless equipment list and budget for new WLANs, some companies utilize our predictive modeling surveys to perform sanity checks on the placement of APs in their existing wireless networks.

1-PREDICTIVE WI-FI SURVEY_TST Sample Bldg FLOOR PLAN for Predictive Wireless Survey

Passive Wi-Fi Survey

A passive survey is the most comprehensive survey we offer because it covers the most important WLAN characteristics and metrics. This survey includes heat mapping using AirMagnet® Survey Pro Wi-Fi software and requires a technician to visit your location. The passive nature of this survey means the application is passively listening to packets and does not attempt to connect to any WLANs. Like predictive modeling, passive surveys define the exact quantity, placement, and configuration of APs for new WLANs – but with greater accuracy because they also identify physical barriers and sources of interference that cannot be gleaned from a floor plan drawing. Passive surveys also provide the RF characteristics and coverage areas for existing wireless networks to help identify problem areas and/or dead zones.

2-PASSIVE WI-FI SURVEY_Interference identification heatmap3

Active Wi-Fi Survey

An active survey is an optional addition to passive Wi-Fi surveys and involves our technician’s application actively connecting to the wireless network to measure actual throughput rates. This is common for customers who require a more in-depth analysis and the measurement of your WLAN’s real-world performance characteristics. If your company is experiencing Wi-Fi interference or dead spots, an active survey will help troubleshoot your wireless network by illustrating detailed coverage metrics like signal, noise, signal-to-noise ratio, channel interference, WLAN throughput, data rates, and more, and then delivering those results in a comprehensive survey report that offers actionable recommendations for resolving your WLAN problem areas.

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  • Partake in a short initiation call and review requirements.
  • The desired date on which you’d like to schedule the onsite visit/survey.
  • Digital copy of site floor plan (with approximate dimensions).
  • Any available pictures of the area being surveyed.
  • Technical Contact name and phone number.
  • Site Contact name and phone number.


  • Configuration of Wi-Fi survey device with your site data.
  • Deployment of testing tools to field technicians.
  • Scheduling of field technicians and support during the on-site visit.
  • Site notifications and coordination if desired.
  • Gathering and processing of all site data.
  • Formulation of the comprehensive, custom report containing our survey results
        and recommendations.


To find out which Wi-Fi survey might be right for your company or to hear more about our competitive pricing, contact us today!