Are remote IT and Telecom maintenance, installations and upgrades taking up too much time and eating away at your bottom line?

Tech Service Today is a nationwide technology services partner focused on you, the customer. We are committed to saving you money while simplifying the delivery of professional, informed, courteous IT & Telecommunications services to your remote office, store, hotel and restaurant locations. We provide a single point of personal contact that offers consistency and accountability throughout the US and Canada. Our approach is simple: by utilizing the best personnel and technology choices available today, we help clients meet their growing needs for IT/Telecom reliability, efficiency, and quality end user support.

Extend Your Reach & Simplify Your Field Support

With the support of Tech Service Today, you do not have to maintain a technical staff at remote offices or stores, nor hassle with coordinating multiple vendors across North America. Familiar, friendly help desk personnel provide superior account management, allowing you to gain complete national coverage with service professionals in range of 99% of U.S. zip codes and 95% of Canada.

The Right Expertise: Just When You Need IT, Where You Need IT

Our service professionals provide expertise in PC/desktop repairs, printer maintenance, system installations, network troubleshooting, software upgrades, and other project-based needs.

Stay Connected: Reliable Telecommunication Experts On Demand

Responsive, courteous service professionals available nationally to work with you on cabling installations (voice and data), wiring repairs, new phone system installs, and existing system troubleshooting and maintenance.

Lower Your Costs Up To 30% Or More

Gain a competitive advantage through sizable cost savings for basic hardware & software maintenance and post-warranty service agreements. Partnering with Tech Service Today enables you to have the advantages of locating an IT department at all your remote office and store locations without incurring the massive costs, hassles and headaches of doing it in-house. There’s no longer any need to worry about additional hiring, firing, salary, benefits, training, sick time, vacations and travel time.

Standardize And Optimize

Our strict Service Level Agreements and response time guarantees ensure that you receive the same quality support in every local area. Having Tech Service Today as your single point of remote IT contact ensures that your firms IT standards and policies are followed uniformly. If there is a problem, Tech Services Today is accountable and ensures that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, minimizing business disruptions and threats to your bottom line.

No More Surprises

We guarantee our labor rates throughout the US and Canada, and never charge for travel.