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COVID-19 & Tech Service Today
We're Staying the Course

I understand if you gave a big sigh of relief that 2020 had ended, although its biggest challenge is still with us. A year ago, the SARS-CoV-2 virus appeared on our company and personal screens. Many wondered what this would mean for our personal and business functioning. We had to pivot; maintain our balance while we tackle this new and, to be honest, somewhat fearsome phenomenon.

Committing to Our Peoples’ Safety
TST put in place protocols to protect the health and safety of our workforce, both those in our central office and the virtual army of technicians whom we deploy daily to meet your requests for service. We helped several customers transition to different ways of working. We expanded our work-from-home option to make this the case for all office-based staff. As we came to the end of 2020, we drew on what we were learning to identify what additional changes might be needed.

In a field with thousands of other service providers, TST distinguishes itself by delivering a seamless and trouble-free experience, beginning when you submit your request through the time when our technician packs up their tools having satisfied your work order. We upgraded our online portal to simplify the request process and made our billing process both detailed yet transparent. No hidden costs, no variation in rates for different parts of a single job.

Our Continued Commitment to Our Customers
We refined our focus to make sure the entire company, plus existing and new customers, understand clearly what we do and how to access our services. Some of the changes have been small but significant. For example, improvements to our website will not only streamline the placement of work orders, but our website will become an important means by which we will improve our communication with customers and the general public. It’s a work in process, but we are already getting positive feedback and attracting new business.

I am proud to say that Tech Service Today has done an amazing job. Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of the company’s leadership, our employees and you, our customers. I especially want to thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure the health and safety of our team whenever they came to your various worksites.

What’s Really Important
The pandemic has not yet subsided, although the availability of a number of vaccines, will help to change this situation. Thankfully there have been almost no reports of illness among the members of the TST team, although some employee family members have been affected. The pandemic and the other tumultuous events of 2020 have placed a huge strain on us as individuals and as organizations. There’s a lot of evidence showing that not managing stress can damage our immune systems. That’s the last thing we need in these times! So, we all need check in on that area.

Another important lesson that’s emerged or been reinforced is the connection between company, individual and community well-being. To be sure, our basic goal is to earn profits for owners and shareholders. In truth, the present times should be teaching us that making profits cannot be our only bottom line. If we fail to appreciate the value of our employees and the communities in which they live or in which we operate, all our bottom lines will be red instead of black.

TST’s goal for this year is to demonstrate that we indeed “cover all your bases effortlessly.” We will not only improve the traditional bottom line, but we will also continue to play a role as a good corporate citizen.


Patrick Baker
Chief Operating Officer
Tech Service Today, LLC
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