Tim Sauer 05/03/19 3:57 PM

IT Disaster Of The Week (05-03-19)

Welcome back to Tech Service Today's IT Disaster of the Week series where we showcase the ugliest IT environment our technicians ran into this week. Our caption for this week's photo is: "Spring is a time to plant and toil, not a time to trip on coils." 

We showcase lots of cabling disasters in this weekly series, almost all of which are the result of IT professionals who gave little or not thought to utilizing cable management products when they installed their networks. Being a services company and not a reseller of network hardware or accessories, our goal is not to sell cable management products. Rather, we are trying to help customers save money on the technical services they'll pay for over the life of their networks.

When your cabling is well-managed and your hardware is easily accessible, a technician can troubleshoot your network and/or perform moves/adds/changes in a fraction of the time it would take if your network looks like one of our weekly disasters.

While there are tons of cable managers & organizers available for network racks and cabinets, what do you do when your cabling chaos is not within a rack-mount environment - as is the case with this week's feature photo? There are actually a few solutions that work well in situations like this.

The first is a surface-mount raceway solution that allows you to conceal (and protect) your cables in a channel that mounts to your wall. The second isn't nearly as aesthetically pleasing as a raceway solution, but it's also just a fraction of the cost: Hook & Loop Wraps.

You can buy Hook & Loop fasteners in multiple lengths, as well as in bulk rolls when you have a LOT of cables to organize. And while we always recommend traditional cable managers with a new network installation, we rely heavily on hook & loop solutions whenever we're asked to service a network that was setup by someone who clearly forgot to include cable management products when they first installed it.

Such was the case with the solution we deployed after seeing this week's featured IT disaster. While the potential tripping hazard represented by the cables strewn across the floor in this image may make you think of Fall, our goal was to remind you that it's actually Spring. And that means it's time for spring cleaning.

So for all you IT professionals whose networks look like the ones we feature here every week, it's time to start cleaning up those cabling cobwebs. If that task seems too daunting to tackle yourself, just call TST and have us do the cleanup for you.



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