Tim Sauer 04/26/19 2:26 PM

IT Disaster Of The Week (04-26-19)

Welcome back to Tech Service Today's IT Disaster of the Week series where we showcase the ugliest IT environment our technicians ran into this week. Our caption for this week's photo is: "Will an oil change make my network run faster?" 

Unless you are the former Captain of the Exxon Valdez, the obvious answer is NO.

In fact, just ask any IT professional in the Restaurant industry – many of whom are subscribers to our weekly IT Disasters – how often oil and grease cause technology failures in their kitchen environments. It’s one of many pain points that only Restaurant IT leaders can truly understand.

But this week’s photo is clearly not of a restaurant...at least not one I’d eat at. It’s an automotive service environment where a pool of motor oil has formed on the floor surrounding the power strips that keep every piece of their network equipment running.
Can you say “YIKES”?

While motor oil is not a conductor of electricity like water (thus removing the fear of getting electrocuted by stepping in this puddle), and it is not nearly as flammable as liquids like gasoline (oil's flash point is around 405-degrees Fahrenheit), it is still flammable. And if you’ve ever seen a car fire, once oil starts burning it is a bear to extinguish.

In sticking with the April showers theme we initiated in our Disaster post two weeks ago, the lesson we hope you learn from this week’s picture is simple: Never expose sensitive networking or IT equipment (or their power sources) to liquids of any kind.

Following this advice will not only help you protect all your IT assets, it will also prevent any photos of your networks from appearing in this weekly IT Disaster series.



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