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Nothing lasts forever - especially technology.

Every IT Manager knows that occasionally equipment needs to be replaced or updated to keep communications systems running at optimal performance. And to perform that work properly, a certain degree of technical aptitude is required. For large companies that have far more brick and mortar facilities than IT staff members, Tech Service Today is the partner they rely on to provide skilled technicians to their remote facilities, wherever and whenever they are needed.


When distance is a barrier to self-performing work, TST delivers a qualified Technician to any location in North America so we can replace your equipment or upgrade your systems for you. Our Technicians can rely solely on their skills, training, tools and the written instructions you provide, or they can serve as an on-site extension to your central IT staff who delivers live instructions to them via telephone or video conference.  Either way, TST guarantees that the task is accomplished to your complete satisfaction.


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let tst do the heavy lifting  for you

Some of the more common Replacements and Upgrades TST performs include:
● Replacing a faulty cable run (workstation & backbone cables)
● Updating a telephone system – software upgrades, programming (add/remove users), replacing outdated/dead cards
● Replacing a network switch or router
● Replacing a digital signage displays & digital menu boards in restaurants, retail stores and office environments
● Replacement of a printer or workstation computer
● Upgrading a PC / Server to the latest operating system
● Adding/Relocating User Workstations
● Dmarc Extensions


When faced with the choice of either putting an IT staff member on a plane to visit a remote facility and replace or upgrade a piece of equipment, or calling TST to have a local technician to perform that work, consider this:  With a single flat rate that applies to work performed during the day or night, even weekends & holidays, and with no travel charges, no hidden fees, and no contracts required, the best choice is always Tech Service Today.  4-REPLACEMENTS-UPGRADES_Smiling Tech Updating Server_31910141_s.jpg


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why companies choose tst

  • 4 Hour On-Site Response Time in US/Canada/Caribbean

  • High-quality Work That We Stand Behind and Guarantee

  • Excellent Customer Service & Project Management

  • Best Value For The Services You Need: One Consistent Labor Rate Regardless of Time or Place, No Charge For Travel, No Hidden Fees, No Upfront Costs or Contracts Needed

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