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If you want your business to run smoothly, your networks need to be installed properly and in accordance with industry standards.

Companies rely on Tech Service Today because we stand by every installation we perform.  Our technicians are industry veterans with extensive experience implementing network, telephony, A/V, POS, & IT equipment and systems.


TST configures and installs the full spectrum of data/voice/video equipment, racks/cabinets, and all of the wired & wireless network infrastructures needed to keep those devices on-line. TST can even install routers, switches, computers, printers and other critical business information technology systems. 


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technologies we install

Whether you need to deploy new infrastructure and/or equipment to a single location or hundreds of sites, TST can provide the smart hands to perform the installation & setup all of your required technologies, including:


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  • Structured Cabling Systems (Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6a/Cat7 copper & single-/multimode fiber)
  • Networking Equipment (routers)
  • PCs, Servers, UPS's, & Printers
  • WiFi/Wireless Systems (WAPs, antennas, controllers, and PoE connectivity)
  • Phone Systems (PBX & VoIP hardware/software installation & configuration)
  • A/V Systems & Digital Signage/Menu Boards (TVs, digital displays, & media players)
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems (hardware/software)
  • CCTV & Security Systems
  • Sound, Paging & Intercom Systems
  • Server Cabinets & Equipment Racks (freestanding & wall mount)
  • Cable Management Solutions (raceway & ladder rack)
  • Electrical Wiring


Long after installing your networks, TST continues providing you with the moves/adds/changes needed when employees move to different departments, or new employees are hired. TST technicians ensure that workstations & phones are relocated safely to their new location, wired or wireless connectivity is installed, and that all workstation outlets (and equipment) are labeled and documented per your company standards. And when your staff size exceeds your available network ports, TST installs new cable runs to each workstation location, and whatever equipment you need on the back end to support the expansion (i.e. patch panels & switches).

TST’s Installation and Move/Add/Change (MAC) services are designed to support every stage of your network's evolution – whenever and wherever they occur.


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Learn more about Tech Service Today's comprehensive suite of technical services that cover every stage of the technology lifecycle.

why companies choose tst

  • 4 Hour On-Site Response Time in US/Canada/Caribbean

  • High-quality Work That We Stand Behind and Guarantee

  • Excellent Customer Service & Project Management

  • Best Value For The Services You Need: One Consistent Labor Rate Regardless of Time or Place, No Charge For Travel, No Hidden Fees, No Upfront Costs or Contracts Needed

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