Tim Sauer 03/15/19 2:30 PM

IT Disaster Of The Week (03-15-19)

Welcome back to Tech Service Today's IT Disaster of the Week series where we usually showcase the ugliest IT environment our technicians ran into this past week. But this week's picture came from Chip, an electrician friend of mine. And I'm captioning it: "Hickory, dickory, dock." 

While this blog series focuses on low-voltage, IT Disasters, I chose to post this picture of a high-voltage, electrical box disaster for several reasons. The first being that Tech Service Today actually provides both low- & high-voltage services to our customers, making this picture relevant to one of the types of work we perform each week.

But the second reason for showcasing this picture is because of the lesson it can teach us. Obviously I'm speaking of one beyond the "don't chew through electrical wires," which I hope is evident to all my readers at this point in their lives. The lesson I'm referring to is a bit deeper than that.

In this age of computers, high-tech tools & testers, smart phones, and an App for darn-near everything, we have grown accustomed to seeking answers to all our questions online and/or through technology while failing to use our natural senses. (If you don't believe me, Google it.)

A prime example was a few weeks ago when a cabling technician told a customer he was using all of his sophisticated equipment to try to identify the exact location of a break in a fiber optic cable, and it may take another hour or more. The customer looked beyond him and said "You mean that piece of cable hanging from the ceiling over there that our forklift accidentally severed?"

While identifying the root cause of an IT or electrical failure isn't always as simple as finding a dead mouse in the fuse box, it is always a good idea to use the senses we're born with to evaluate a problem before we turn to technology for answers.

I'd like to say this simple approach will never be the cause for any skin off your back; but I think the mouse in this week's photo may disagree.



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