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Tim Sauer 03/20/20 8:00 AM

COVID-19 - TST Is Here To Help


BOYNTON BEACH, Florida (March 20, 2020) - Tech Service Today COO extends the company's offerings to assist customers transition their employees to home base offices and support other industries complete projects in locations that now have less foot traffic due to social distancing.

To our valued customers and the IT leaders of all companies:

We hope that you are getting on top of the many changes and challenges that COVID-19 has imposed on our lives and businesses. We want to thank you for your responsiveness to and cooperation with the measures that Tech Service Today (TST) has instituted to ensure that our technicians continue to safely provide the quality service which you expect from us.

We've had calls from customers requesting assistance with transitioning their teams from centralized to home-based operations. Our technicians were able to provide help in this area as well as continue to assist with IT services at dispersed site locations. If you need similar service, please let us know and we will make arrangements.

Several of our customers in the food service industry, as you may have heard, have suspended their dine-in service. They have seen this as an opportunity for performing long overdue upgrades and repairs. We are preparing our teams to handle these and other similar requests provided conditions are safe to do so.

The health and well-being of all our customers, staff and technicians remain our highest priority. We also realize that some customers will require continuity of service in order to continue to operate smoothly and so our Service Department remains available at (800) 973-2022 Option 1, or contact your TST Account Representative to assist you with your needs.



- Patrick Baker, Chief Operating Officer
   Tech Service Today, LLC


About Tech Service Today, LLC:

TST is an on-site IT & Telecom technical services company providing professional, high quality services to keep business systems productive & reliable. They install and upgrade cabling, telecom, network equipment, PC's, WiFi access points, printers, POS systems, CCTV, fiber optic and many other critical business information technology infrastructure, which requires hands on assistance. They work with many large well known businesses across North America in every industry including retail, restaurants, hotels, property management, healthcare, financial companies and much more.

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