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admin 10/28/15 9:21 AM

Tech Service Today Attends Linkedin SalesConnect 2015 in Las Vegas!

Boynton Beach, FL – October 2015 – Tech Service Today attended Sales Connect 2015 hosted by Linkedin, which kicked off with some news about recent updates from LinkedIn directly. First, at Sales Connect 2015, LinkedIn announced a new employee referral app that would help employees discover and recommend co-workers for internal positions. This appears to be a subscription application designed for larger companies.

Twitter and Facebook were extremely impactful during this event, and many Twitter and Facebook moments occurred which were exciting to be a part of. Twitter and Facebook offers an incredible opportunity for B2B sales professionals. Those in sales need to take a serious look at this social network to connect with B2B buyers.

During this event there was a great emphasis on the importance of linking sales and tools social platforms provide to marry the two. There were many key tips offered to enhance your social presence as a vehicle for social selling.

This event emphasized the significance of the LinkedIn Social Selling Index score (SSI), during all of the conference sessions.

It was very exciting for Tech Service Today to attend this event, and we look forward to many opportunities to utilize all tools suggested at the event moving forward.

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